Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Are they all merely Myths?

No, the high-earning Affiliate is Alive and Well

And you could become one

Affiliate Marketing is a “high reward/low risk” Web site Monetization Option.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • you don’t have to develop excellent products
  • you don’t have to spend large amounts to manufacture and store inventory
  • no need to take an process a single order, or worry about getting paid
  • you don’t have to handle or ship a product
  • you’ll never to answer customer e-mail
  • they cost nothing
  • your Affiliate Marketing business can be started part-time.

Sounds great and if the affiliate model is so attractive, and so widely adopted, and growing so rapidly …

Why Do Most Affiliate Marketers Struggle To Earn?

Yes it’s true that a small number of affiliates (“super affiliates”) are making some very large incomes. And a larger minority, do earn lower-but-still-substantial amounts.

But the truth remains.. the vast majority of affiliates are struggling to earn with Affiliate Marketing.

So What’s the Problem with Affiliate marketing?

Affiliates struggle due to one or more of the following problems

Problem #1 — Failure To Prepare

Most people fail at anything because of the tendency to FIRE-READY-AIM. They jump the gun and FIRE, rather than invest some time to get READY and then AIM.

Yes, it feels “unproductive” to prepare and set up a system… But it’s how the successful succeed.

The solution? Upfront thinking and planning…

  • Develop best site concept/theme
  • Brainstorm most profitable topics
  • Select best related affiliate programs.

Not only is it easy to choose the wrong Affiliate Marketing programs, it’s easy to struggle with the right ones. Even great companies with terrific products often don’t have the time to train their affiliates…

Problem #2 — Dependency on Merchants

  • No start up manual.
  • No creative new ideas in a weekly newsletter… “Here are our banners. Please put them up on your site.”
  • No tools to help you do your job.

The solution? Successful affiliates do their due diligence in order to select the best companies. They also diversify into other, complementary monetization models.

Problem #3 — No Site or Poor Site

Some folks attempt to market through social media and forums they frequent. Others try to build sites that may have one or more of the following problems…

  • amateurish look and feel
  • content that does not hold a visitor’s attention and respect
  • poor site structure and organization
  • have little to no traffic

No Site or Poor Site = No Success

The solution? Take what you know, what you love, and turn it into a Theme-Based Content Site. Attract highly targeted, interested “PREcustomers,” provide solid value through content, then refer them to your affiliate merchants.

Problem #4 — Little or No Traffic

Now for a really big challenge… building traffic.

In the offline retail world, the old saying goes that “location, location, location” are the three most important factors for success. If you put your offline store on the right street corner, you’re 90% of the way home.


Passer-by traffic. But…

When was the last time you saw someone casually stroll past a Web site? Never, right?


Because people choose to go to Web sites. They click on links or type in URLs. They make the decision. They have the power.

And many affiliates never figure out how to work with that power to attract tens of thousands of interested, motivated visitors every day.

The solution? If you know how, you can put yourself into their click path. The “Top 3%” affiliates all…

  • make the content of their Web pages “attractive” to Search Engines
  • track how each page performs on the major Search Engines, from submission, through spidering, indexing and finally to how each page ranks
  • develop more than one way to drive traffic
  • analyse Click IN and Click Through patterns meticulously, as if their businesses depended on it (because it does)
  • follow key traffic stats from a good log file analyser
  • execute well, having assembled or created a wide variety of expensive tools.

Do these solutions sound out of reach for you? They used to be, not any more…


The good news:

Problem #2, #3 and #4 can be solved with SBI! and/or bizXpress.

Why SBI! and/or bizXpress for Affiliate Marketing?

Two reasons…

  1. The are the only products in the world that takes you step-by-step through the powerful, natural process of Content Traffic PREsell Monetize
  2. Both SBI! and bizXpress provide all the tools that you need to execute C T P M flawlessly, integrated seamlessly into the step-by-step process.

All you have to do is deliver content about your theme/niche. SBI! handles all the behind-the-scenes technology and complexity of building and marketing your Web site, which frees you to focus on what you know best… your business.

Want Proof?

SBI! sites succeed. SiteSell is the only company in the world that proves success. Take the proof.

Other companies would, of course, if they could. But the majority of small businesses struggle online. You don’t want to lose a year of your life and thousands of dollars going down a road with no map.

With proof like that, it’s fair to say…

There is no stronger, more cost-effective way to build your affiliate business, whether you merely want to convert a hobby into a money-maker instead of a money-spender, or whether you ultimately want to quit your day job.

Sounds very good, but….

The bad news

Problem #1 — Failure To Prepare

The problem #1 is You – ;-(.

Affiliate Marketing is no easy 1-2-3 formula to riches. There are lots of companies promoting that false dream. That is not what we offer.

Yes, SBI! does work and it does cut down the tedious, the repetitive, the complicated – it reduces the sheer work by 90%.

Small businesses succeed in droves – but they have to work to succeed.

So “the get-rich-quick” marketers are not our competitors. We don’t want their customers, the GRQ addicts. We do not promote false hope.

Who do we want? Everyone else!

I’m sure you are in the boat…

The good news

Problem #1 — Failure To Prepare – is avoidable/beatable, with the appropriate strategies and tools.

The solution? Upfront thinking and planning…

  • Develop best site concept/theme
  • Brainstorm most profitable topics
  • Select best related affiliate programs.

Ready to go!

All the tools, resources and guidance you need for success are right here your fingertips.

It’s time to head over to the Quick Start Guide and the SiteSell Promotion Center.

Start by picking the “low-hanging fruit”…

Online.. promote to your existing traffic and readership. If you are just getting started or have a site but no traffic, use Site Build It! if you want to succeed.

Offline.. show and explain SBI! to friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. I guarantee that at least some of them are looking exactly this product. And I guarantee you that some of them don’t even know that they are looking for it … until you tell them.

And persevere…

If you apply the effort and stick with it, the only thing that separates you from SiteSell’s highest earning affiliates is… time.

The big earners have a slight advantage because they happened to start their businesses sooner, paid their dues earlier, and are now reaping the benefits of all that effort. They certainly didn’t have it any easier!

Everybody, no matter who they are or what they are doing, starts from scratch. In this race,you set the pace at which you are most comfortable, and focus on moving ahead.

That’s all you have to do — move ahead, one step after another.

Whether you build your business slowly or quickly, full time or part time, it doesn’t matter. As long as the foundation is solid, great results are certain.

Just do it.

Once you do something, whatever appeals to you most, “doing” becomes easier and easier…and income becomes bigger and bigger.

The 6th Pillar Program is the best way to get a Jump Start with the 5P. It’s designed to help you get started as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible. This Program is for YOU if you…

  • are new to affiliate programs, or don’t know where or how to begin
  • have been too time pressured to really get going
  • have not yet been successful despite your efforts

It all boils down to taking that first step!

More details you’ll find in The Affiliate Masters Course .

The Affiliate Masters Course has been called…

“the best info on succeeding as an affiliate marketer… at any price…and it’s free.”

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